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About the Journal

Studies on Labour Law and Social Policy (“Studia z Zakresu Prawa Pracy i Polityki Społecznej”) is an journal published by the Chair of Labour Law and Social Policy of the Jagiellonian University since 1993.

The journal addresses the issues of individual and collective labour law, social security law and legal problems of social policy. It is a forum for exchange of opinions of persons interested in the labour law from all academic centres in Poland.  During its 20-year history, the English version – the Yearbook of Polish Labor Law and Social Policy – was also published many times

The mission of the journal is to promote and publish research in the labour law and social policy discipline, to create opportunities for exchange of scientific experiences and continuous development of new ideas and concepts in the area covered by the topics discussed in the Studies on Labour Law and Social Policy.

Studies on Labour Law and Social Policy journal publishes articles about Polish law, laws of other countries, and international standards of labour law. For this reason, apart from articles of Polish researchers, the journal includes also articles by researchers from Europe, North and South America and Asia. In particular, however, the mission of the journal is to create a place for the exchange of ideas for scientists from Central and Eastern Europe.

The journal is addressed to scientists specializing in labour law and social policy. They are also the authors of the published studies. Some articles have a practical dimension hence the journal is the subject of interest of legal practitioners.

The interest in the journal publications is visibly increasing. It is no longer an annual journal, and since 2017 it became a quarterly. Articles are published in Polish and in English. Jagiellonian University Publishing House – a university publishing house responsible for editing and publication of the journal from 2017, as well as the preparation of a new website on which all printed articles are posted starting from 2016.

ISSN: 1429-9585
e-ISSN 2544-4654
Frequency: Annual paper version, quarterly electronic version
Language: Polish, English, French, and Spanish
First Year of Publication: 1993
Editor in chief: prof. Krzysztof W. Baran

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Studia z Zakresu Prawa Pracy i Polityki Społecznej
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