Labour, Society and Law


About the Journal

Labour, Society and Law is an annual publication of the Israeli Society for Labour Law and Social Security, published under the joint academic auspices of Tel-Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is dedicated to discussions of the labour market and the welfare state, that shed light (both theoretical and practical) on issues of importance to Israeli social policy. The journal’s approach is multi-disciplinary and it includes contributions from legal researchers as well as other disciplines (notably economics, sociology, management, social work, history).

Contact Information


  • Professor Guy Davidov
    Elias Lieberman Chair in Labour Law, Faculty of Law
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus

    Jerusalem 91905
    Tel: (972)-2-5882581
    Fax: (972)-2-5823042


  • Professor Guy Mundlak
    Faculty of Law and Department of Labor Studies
    Tel-Aviv University

    Tel Aviv 69978
    Tel: (972)-3-6408374
    Fax: (972)-3-6405349


  • Adv. Limor Klein, Secretary
  • Adv. Asher Heled, Treasurer

Current/Past Issues

Current and past issues (in Hebrew) can be located here.