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The Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations constitute a unique and well known series started in 1970 under the dynamic editorship of Professor Roger Blanpain (Belgium), former President of the International Industrial Relations Association.

Published either once or twice yearly, the Bulletins frequently include the proceedings of international or regional conferences or reports from comparative projects devoted to salient issues in industrial relations, human resources management, and/or labour law. They offer a platform of expression and discussion to scholars and practitioners worldwide, often featuring special guest editors.

A sample of topics either covered or under consideration for coverage in Bulletins includes:

  • ­the harmonisation of working life and family life (covered countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, the UK, and the United States of America); labour law and industrial relations in Central and Eastern Europe (from planned to market economy);
  • labour law and industrial relations in the European Union, focusing on European Works Councils and the Treaty of Amsterdam; the role of labour law in industrial relations, covering mostly the Asian region (editor: Prof. T. Araki, Japan)
  • private employment agencies-the proceedings of an international Conference organised by the Euro-Japan Institute for Business and Law which took place in Leuven, Belgium in 1998 and involved the participation of the ILO, the EU, scholars from the EU Member States, Japan, and the USA (editor: R. Blanpain); and
  • non-standard forms of work-the papers of the international conference organised by the Italian Association for Industrial Relations in Rome, at the occasion of its 30th anniversary, again with participants from various continents (editor: Prof. M. Biagi, Italy). Each of these Bulletins consists of national or comparative reports made on the basis of a common outline, providing an integrated approach to the subject matter.

ISSN: 0770-3724
Frequency: Annual
Language: Dutch, English, French and German
First Year of Publication: 1975

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Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations

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