Giornale di Diritto del Lavoro


About the Journal

[English translation:] Giornale di Diritto del Lavoro e relazioni industriali was founded by Gino Giugni and is now edited  by an international group of scholars of varying backgrounds, with a shared and  long-standing experience in research.  The journal is an independent publication, based on rigorous scientific  criteria and was conceived, at its inception, as a peer reviewed publication. It  is addressed both to the academic community and to the main players in industrial relations . The focus of “Giornale” is on the multifaceted aspects of work, whether they relate to collective labour law or to individual employment relations. Special attention is also paid to comparative and European issues, and to essays in the field of industrial relations.

ISSN: 1720-4321
Frequency: Quarterly
Language: Italian
First year of publication: 1979

Contact Information

Editorial Board

General Editors:
  • Francesco Liso
  • Silvana Sciarra
Editorial Board:
  • Roberto Romei and Valerio Speziale
    (editorial coordinators)
  • Marzia Barbera
  • Lauralba Bellardi
  • Lorenzo Bordogna
  • Roberta Bortone
  • Luisa Corazza
  • Nicola Countouris
  • Pietro Curzio
  • Lorenzo Gaeta
  • Stefano Giubboni
  • Fausta Guarriello
  • Vito Leccese
  • Luca Nogler
  • Giovanni Orlandini
  • Paolo Pascucci
Scientific Board:
  • Aris Accornero
  • Umberto Carabelli
  • Bruno Caruso
  • Giovanni Cazzetta
  • Gian Primo Cella
  • Maurizio Cinelli
  • Carlo Dell’Aringa
  • Riccardo Del Punta
  • Raffaele De Luca Tamajo
  • Vincenzo Ferrari
  • Mark Freedland
  • Mario Giovanni Garofalo
  • Edoardo Ghera
  • Arturo Maresca
  • Luigi Montuschi
  • Marcello Pedrazzoli
  • Miguel Rodrìguez-Piñero
  • Mario Rusciano
  • Spiros Simitis
  • Tiziano Treu
  • Bruno Veneziani
Secretary Staff:
  • Antonio Aurilio
  • William Chiaromonte
  • Enrico Raimondi

Current/Past Issues

Summaries of past issues can be found here.


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  • Italy € 74,50
  • Estero € 97.00

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