Announcement: Marco Biagi Award 2013 Winner

The winner of the 2013 Marco Biagi Award is Aline Van Bever (University of Leuven) for a paper entitled, The Fiduciary Nature of the Employment Relationship. This paper explores the circumstances under which an employment relationship may entail fiduciary duties. Recognizing that the employment relationship is both relational and embedded within a complex framework of explicit and implicit norms, the paper explores English, American, Canadian, and Australian law to determine when employees owe specific duties of loyalty to their employer.

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Announcement of the 2012 Marco Biagi Award Winner

The winner of the 2012 Marco Biagi Award is Diego Marcelo Ledesma Iturbide (Buenos Aires University) for his paper, Una propuesta para la reformulación de la conceptualización tradicional de la relación de trabajo a partir del relevamiento de su especificidad jurídica. This paper is a sophisticated and insightful discussion of legal conceptions of the employment relationship. It explores emerging problems with current conceptions as employment relationships become more complex in the global environment and suggests a new approach to the issue. Click here to read the full announcement.

About the Marco Biagi Award

This is an annual award for the best paper on comparative or international labor law by a young scholar.  The award is sponsored by the International Association of Labour Law Journals (IALLJ), a consortium of 21 of the leading labour law journals from around the world. The award is named for Marco Biagi, a founder of the IALLJ and one of the world’s most prominent labour law scholars, when he was assassinated in 2002 by the Red Brigade for his prominent role in labour law reform in Italy.

Prior Recipients of the Award

2011 – By the deadline of March 30, 2011, six papers had been submitted, from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Turkey, The Netherlands, and Hungary, studying and comparing labour and social law in international dimension, in China, Nigeria and Togo. An academic jury composed of Professors Manfred Weiss, Matthew Finkin and Gian Guido Balandi evaluated the papers and decided as follows:

The winners of the Marco Biagi Award for 2011 are: Beryl Ter Haar, Attila Kun, and Manuel Antonio Garcia-Muñoz Alhambra, for their paper Soft On The Inside; Hard For The Outside. An Analysis Of The Legal Nature Of New Forms Of International Labour Law. To read the full 2011 Marco Biagi Award announcement, please click here.

2010 – Virginie Yanpelda, (Université de Douala, Cameroun) for Travail décent et diversité des rapports de travail.

Especially signalled  – Marco Peruzzi (University of Verona, Italy), for Autonomy in the european social dialogue.

2009 – Orsola Razzolini (Bocconi University, Italy), for The Need to Go Beyond the Contract: “Economic” and “Bureaucratic” Dependence in Personal Work Relations, accepted for the Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal.

In Memoriam – Bill Wedderburn (1927-2012)

Lord Wedderburn
Photo via The Guardian

In Memoriam – Bill Wedderburn (1927-2012)

On Friday, 9 March, 2012, one of the Titans of comparative labour law left our midst. Professor Lord Wedderburn of Charlton – “Bill” Wedderburn to his friends, and the enigmatic “KWW” of numerous notes and comments during a long and illustrious writing career – died in London at the age of 84, after a long illness.

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