2016 IALLJ Annual Meeting – Bologna, Italy

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the International Association of Labour Law Journals
Bologna, Italy
Emeroteca de il Mulino
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

IALLJ 2016 Annual Meeting
IALLJ 2016 Annual Meeting

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the International Association of Labour Law Journals is organized by Lavoro e Diritto at the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the journal and in connection with a two days meeting that will take place in the following days.

The meeting will last the afternoon of Wednesday November 16 starting at 2 p.m. and, according to tradition, will be opened – after the welcome of the organizers – by the Scientific Session; at 6 p.m. the Business meeting will follow and finally at 8 p.m. we will be hosted by the publisher il Mulino at an informal dinner. If the winner of the 2016 Marco Biagi Award will be present she/he will be asked to present the awarded paper at the end of the Scientific Session. All the activities will take place in the premises of the publishing house il Mulino: the meeting in the reading room of the Emeroteca – one of the most important in Italy for social sciences, were the journals which accept
to exchange copies are collected and devoted to public use of scholars and students – and the dinner in the boardrooms of the Society. In an historical palace in the inner centre of Bologna: Strada Maggiore 37, (the entrance of the Emeroteca is in a small side street Vicolo Posterla 1).

As announced in the Tentative Program circulate in springtime, the generic issue of the Scientific Session was indicated as Labour Rights in International Trade. Now we can be more precise, proposing to specify it as follows: we can discuss How the contest of International Trade – multilateral agreements, practices, multinationals enterprises codes of conduct, mechanisms of alternative disputes resolutions etc – has transformed social and labour rights and jeopardized the epistemological autonomy of Labour Law as a scientific discipline.

We intend this to be a call for interventions to be briefly presented in Bologna. The result of the discussion could originate also a publication in the journal. Those who are interested are invited to send in advance no more than two/three lines of content to Silvia Borelli (silvia.borelli@unife.it), who will coordinate the Session.

The topic is somehow related to the theme that will be discussed in the 30th Anniversary meeting of Lavoro e Diritto organized in the two following days in a University of Bologna location “Autonomy and subordination of Labour Law” (the program is available here). The colleagues participating to the IALLJ meeting are welcome. The language will be Italian without official translation (but informal whispering translation by young volunteers could be provided if necessary!)

Organizing issues: according to IALLJ tradition, there is no participation fee but the organizers offer only the dinner of the very day of the meeting. The colleagues who are planning to participate are kindly requested to signal their intention with a mail to lavoroediritto@unife.it. A list of hotels that can practice special prices at the occasion of the Lavoro e diritto meeting is available on request at the same address.

We hope to welcome all of you in Bologna!

The editors of Lavoro e Diritto

Please see the 2016 IALLJ Annual Meeting Announcement in PDF format for more information.

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